You and God–The Abyssarianism View

Friday, May 15, 2020, 8:20 PM

Strangely enough, a way to know if God exists. It requires courage, persistence, and a willingness to face your viewpoint of "just what is God." If you honestly face yourself, then face the tough questions, accept your belief in Abyssarianism, you can come to know God exist for you.

Abyssarianism is not a religion of pure faith; it is logical, responsible, purposeful, and has a plan for all. This Abyssarianism is religious, philosophical, and mystical because those are the three doorways most people come to religion through.

Stories, poetry, questions, and statements of truth make up Abyssarianisms.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to God's provable existence is people want the proof of others, instead of the proof through themselves. It is rather like wanting to see an advertisement for someone eating a hamburger or cake in order to prove the hamburger or cake exist!

You cannot depend on others to live in such a way that God manifests in their lives. Maybe they did live a Godly way for a while, will do so for a while more, but then stop. You, however, have control over whether you continue to believe in the God of Abyssarianism and thus are proved more and more each year that God exists.

Holding this mystical-philosophical-religious view, you can see two people side-by-side, one person does not believe in Abyssarianism, and another does! What does this mean for you? The truth is this simple. WHEN YOU DECIDE TO BE AN ABYSSARIANISM, YOU WALK THROUGH A DOOR. This door affords you the benefits, the rules, the understanding, the punishments (for breaking rules), and the grace of Forgiveness (GOF) (God forgives your transgressions because he can and wants to. He put you in this mess called life and so he is ultimately responsible for you and your progress. But you must do your part to try and persist in learning Abyssarianism!)

The two people walk side-by-side in physical life on earth; they do not necessarily walk or live in the same reality!


The believer in Abyssarianism has other options, powers, GOF, understandings, knowledge, wisdom, protection provided to him or her--the nonbeliever in Abyssarianism does not. The nonbeliever in Abyssarianism walks alone, so to speak. The Abyssarianianism believer does not, even though they may be physically alone.

There are several other ways to prove the God of Abyssarianism exist, but those will be revealed later.

The fact is this life is a logical plan for your logical development toward a great purpose. You are the Guided being Guided (GBG) into Your Greater Purpose (YGP)

That being said, here are some questions to answers.

1. If given a choice, do you connect the dots properly, in sequence?

2. Do you prefer to work for what you have?

3. Do you like following orders because it will produce a better result?

4. Do you believe nature is ordered, and because of this order, it produces a good and beneficial result for all within nature?

5. Do you like that male and female nature is different and appreciate those differences?
6. Can you work on something without knowing the big overall plan?
7. Do you prefer a game with rules?
8. Do you want to follow the rules first to understand best what the game is all about?

9. Do accept it is more difficult and takes longer to achieve long-term goals, but these goals provide the best development, structure, and skill-building qualities for your life?
10. Do you feel responsible for accepting the consequences of bad decision making?
11. Are you frustrated the world is built backward, the loud, obnoxious, bold always get their way, even if they are stupid, fools, and spreading lies?
12. When the truth takes years to catch up with a lie zipping around the world, does this make you sure that life has no understanding?
13. Can you accept the fact one truth may exist; such a thing as truth for any given situation may be more correct, than another so-called "Your or Our Truth"?
14. Will you accept God is the leader, and you can't do anything about it? And accept Heaven is not a democracy does not destroy your religious belief.
15. Do you ask your God any questions you want and expect an answer to be given, even if not done so immediately?

16. Can you accept God may select one race of people to teach the world its most harshest lessons, for good or bad?
17. Do you think God has a good reason for playing favorite or having special people from all people on earth make sense?
18. Do you accept God loves only your race of people?

19. Do you believe God keeps updating the truth, and redefining and clarifying the truth for everyone because it is something that must be done?

20. Do you accept life has a divine, positive purpose, and God is moving you toward that purpose year after year forever?

1B. If given a choice, do you feel freer connecting the dots in any sequence you want, even if it will never reveal the properly finished drawing intended?
2B. If you had all the money in the world, and were free, and never needed to work again, would you work?
3B. Do you feel freer following your own orders because you know exactly what it will produce, whether a better end-result or not?
4B. Do you feel freer when in nature because nature follows its own order and produce beneficial results for all within nature?
5B. Do you feel freer knowing male and female nature originated and continues to be spontaneously made up?
6B. Can you work on something and feel freer knowing the big overall plan?
7B. Do you feel free in a game without any rules?
8B. Do you love the freeing feeling of breaking the rules of a game because you can jump ahead and have an advantage of others?
9B. Is it more freeing and easier to achieve short-term goals than long term goals that may be harder or difficult to accomplish?

10B. Do you feel freer knowing you will accept the consequences of bad decision making?
11B. Do you feel freer in a world where everything is built backward, the loud, obnoxious, bold always get their way, even if they are stupid, fools, spreading lies?
12B. Does it make you feel freer, happier knowing a lie can zip around the world fast than the truth can put on both shoes of understanding?
13B. You feel freer because there is no one truth, only our truth, no matter how many "our truths" exist?"

14B. Do you feel freer choosing your own leaders, even if you continue to get leaders who mislead and take advantage of you, that you can manipulate to do your will?
15B. You feel freer knowing there is no single source of life, God because you do not have to face your fear of asking them any question you want?
16B. Do you feel more free if the truth comes from only one race of people?

17B. Do you feel freer knowing there is no one God who plays favorites and has a special people from all the people on earth?
18B. Do you feel freer knowing your God loves only your race of people, and can't stand all the other peoples on the earth?
19B. No matter how many times, people come up with their personalized, freer interpretation of what the purpose of life really is, and are proven wrong, Post Modernism, for example; you feel freer and more confident to listen to the next person who makes up their own definition for life's purpose, for example, Communism.
20B. Do you feel freer knowing God has no purpose and is making things up as he goes along?

Two people, a young female violinist and an ex-priest who no longer believes in God, made a choice as they sailed to America from Australia. This caused them to be abandoned to Makta Island, where reportedly cannibals hold rituals. The young violinist and ex-priests struggle with their environment, each other ideas, feelings, and thoughts as they try to survive until another ship passes by the island within 6 months. 98,578 words

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