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Today’s video is brought to you by a donation by Kathryn from Nevada. She didn’t want me to cover a specific topic and instead let me cover whatever I want. As thanks I’m going to show her pictures from Nevada. What I’d like to cover in this video is the value of art in the MGTOW movement. And the pictures I’m showing you come from the Rhyolite Ghost Town in Nevada along the border with Death Valley, California. At its peak, this town had anywhere between three thousand to five thousand inhabitants. Today the gold mines are closed and all that’s left are a few buildings and an open-air museum with tons of interesting works of art in the middle of nowhere.

What I’m going to show you is mostly art installations in the desert. My educational background is a fine arts degree in New Media. And while I was taking my bachelor’s of fine arts feminists tried to brainwash me about the idea that gender was something we choose and not something we were born with. One of my female professors went to such extreme lengths as to masculinize herself to look, sound and possibly think like a man. I even suspect she either went as far as to have breast reduction surgery or resorted to taping down her breasts. Whatever she did it looked like she completely flattened down her chest. She came across as really angry about being women and I feel like they would rather have been born as men.

I rarely saw her smile and I felt like she was full of self loathing. But even with all of these negatives she exposed me to she opened up my eyes to some interesting strategies to get culture to change. It’s the artists in a society that change the direction of culture and popular values. Feminists have infiltrated higher education and the arts for over 50 years and have been changing culture and society to suit their needs. If MGTOW is to grow and evolve we need to create art that captures the imagination of the public. That can be anything from music, like Marcus Brown is doing, videos, art installations and even performance art and culture jamming.

I think the best way for us to be effective is to do different pieces of performance art and get attention from that by recording it on video and sharing it with other. Another great strategy is for ourselves to live as the examples we want others to follow. We need to show the world that being a MGTOW is all about freedom of choice, movement, association. We need to show that we are not living the shadows of women but have stepped into the light for ourselves.

mras and feminists arguing at u of t mra event

Ferrari Pick Up Prank.

Two people, a young female violinist and an ex-priest who no longer believes in God, made a choice as they sailed to America from Australia. This caused them to be abandoned to Makta Island, where reportedly cannibals hold rituals. The young violinist and ex-priests struggle with their environment, each other ideas, feelings, and thoughts as they try to survive until another ship passes by the island within 6 months. 98,578 words

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