Passion for Tinnon Novella Book 2 Audio book

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Passion for Tinnon Excerpt Novella Book 2

Excerpt audio book of Passion for Tinnon Book 2 Novella.

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Passion for Tinnon Excerpt Novella Book 2

Excerpt audio book of Passion for Tinnon Book 1 Novella.


Passion for Tinnon, written in 2006, tackles critical thinking, love, humanity’s predisposed desire to self-destruct and without coming to terms with its human nature that spawns those self-destructive tendencies.  The novel explores how passions that rule human nature and what they often lead to, but in this novel, the hope is can humans, given another chance on Planet Tinnon, can control those passions without creating destructive safe-spaces leading to destructive repetitive ends.  This book explores these topics.


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Queen Morah, King Lord Tweezer, TelGara, a young female lover, and RaydGalil her charming object of affection continue their struggles to survive and thrive on the Planet Tinnon that set to die within 19 months A riveting SF, Romance, Thriller Novel must-read written by Cupideros.



In the year 6666 A.D., on a planet not too far from Mars, the hazardous Planet Tinnon exists and forms a home for the thirteen Old Earth families who escape total nuclear annihilation.  Queen Morah of the Quoardians requests a businessman to start buying stock for a particular Gian crystal.  TelGara continues her quests to reconnect to her Galan lover RaydGalil who she met while on vacation on Gian.


The NSFPC recognized RaydGalil’s talents as a handsome and charming Army member.  They slowly try to recruit him to become a Poison Dove Spy.  Lord Tweezer, King of the Galans, finds out if being MGTOW was the right course all along, while Akyria tries to hold onto her secret lover and keep her cool politically at the same time.


A secret born-three-hole female organization holds its annual yearly meeting only to have it disrupted by a heckler.  Gians tried to remain neutral, but the Quoardians and Galans seek other plans. Read and find what happens in Book 2: Passion for Tinnon, a mega SF, adventure, thriller, romance novel you will never forget by Cupideros.


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Two people, a young female violinist and an ex-priest who no longer believes in God, made a choice as they sailed to America from Australia. This caused them to be abandoned to Makta Island, where reportedly cannibals hold rituals. The young violinist and ex-priests struggle with their environment, each other ideas, feelings, and thoughts as they try to survive until another ship passes by the island within 6 months. 98,578 words


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