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Two monks were climbing a steep hill, really, a mountain. One was a young monk who lacked self-awareness and other-awareness; the other monk was old and had much self-awareness and other-awareness.


Both began their climb at the same time. However, the older monk quickly moved up the mountain each day. He saw the pretty flowers of various colors, bees, birds; he smelled perfume smell in the breeze and the women who loved, for some reason, frolicking on the three plateaus on the mountain. He thought about the women and their reaction on the younger monk.


On the first plateau, the women were 6s-7s, beautiful, more than average. 

On the second plateau, more beautiful women lounged around, and their looks fell within the 8s-9s range. These women one saw on magazine covers and selling every product under the sun all over the earth. 

The final, third plateau women stunned the imagination and made the movie actresses look like 6s or 7s! Most of the monks, trying to climb the mountain upon reaching the third plateau quit, took one of those 10s for a wife and left.


The older monk kept moving up. Neither was he rude about nature nor was he angry at nature’s distractions. He accepted the fact the women wanted to frolic around scantily clad, on the different types of three plateaus. Maybe the women sought future husbands or more pragmatically some future man to take care of them. She and this future husband would have a child or two; thus, the man would take care of the woman and their child for the rest of his life. The old monk kept moving and reached the top day after day, early.

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The younger monk moved slowly up the mountain each day. More and more, he hated climbing up the tall hill. “Pointless,” he grunted. “It was all pointless and futile.”  Soon that book half-buried in the dirt, “Waiting for NWALT” tortured his eyes!  Why did the monks not remove it! thought the young monk.   “So many distractions from the flowers, bees, sweet, subtle perfume smell in the breeze and those damn high-pitched voice women constantly disrobing, accidentally or on purpose whenever he neared the first plateau.”


The young monk never reached the second or third plateau or even the peak before sunset. However, each day, the rested older monk came down, reaffirming it was possible to reach the top. “It is impossibly beautiful up there,” the wiser-older monk said. “There is nothing like it on earth!  You see this and that — all!”


Time progressed. And this went on and on day after day, week after week. When finally, one day, the older monk came down and said, “Do you know why you cannot make it up the mountain before sunset?”


The young monk, tired, sweat beads on his forehead, said, “No!” And then he added, “It is the women’s fault!  And why do you not dig up that disgusting book Waiting for NAWALT?”


Smiling, the older baldheaded monk shook his head, no, and said, “Nonsense!  You mean the book Waiting for GODOT!  Projection!  You cannot even see straight!  And you cannot make it up the mountain because of those two steel balls hanging on your feet.”


Totally, at the end of his rope, the young monk exclaimed, lifting his dirty left barefoot, “What steel ball?” Exasperated, the young monk lifted his earth-smugged right barefoot, “Where? Where? Do you see a steel ball around my ankle?”


To which the older monk replied, “In as much as you have those two balls between your legs, you might as well have two steel balls on your ankles.”


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Suddenly, the younger monk understood; he was the problem. The scantily clad women, their unsteady breasts, slim legs, the flowers, birds, sky, the women’s violin voices, and their sweet perfumed breeze did not stop him. 


The next day, the young monk climbed further. His attitude of anger faded away as he reached the first plateau and saw, clearly, the near-naked beautiful girls of all races. Smiling, the young monk talked and asked their names but quickly went on climbing the mountain. He did not reach the second plateau.


The following day he reached the second plateau!


Eventually, through persistent effort and focus, the young monk reached the mountain top. 




So every time I see these beautiful women on these MGTOW pages, I laugh. Women laugh at this as well. The women know as long as MGTOWS have those beautiful women on their websites, pages, MGTOWS will always be (to some degree) distracted from reaching the mountaintop. The women feel safe. Those hot pictures of women are women inside the deep sacred MGTOW spaces! Ha hahaha.


Now, these beautiful pictures of women can be tests, making men concentrate on hearing the truth of MGTOW as they see women’s real intrinsic FEMALE nature while viewing the gorgeous women’s pictures. But I assure you, some of the MGTOW men half-hear the content because they are too distracted by those gorgeous jpegs. 

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Alas, everyone has to grow at there own pace. But propaganda uses pictures, and the images could be saying the exact opposite of the message of the ads, movies, and webpages!


I grew up as a teenager (70s, 80s) during second-wave Feminism, when women were fighting to get out of skirts and wear pants. You think it is hard to have sex now; it was harder back in those days. All women were prudes, or so we thought. So little amount of porn was available. Women were different, nicer. Women did not want free love, free sex without commitment back then. Now women act like men, not understanding her beauty, and sex is her most exact, deep value to men. As much as a woman desires a man only for his job, money, status, a man desires a woman only for her youthful and rarely used beauty!  

A woman with lots of beauty miles (in sexual partners or in age, ladies think hitting The Wall poem below) is equivalent to a man who has spent his wealth or money from his job or assets!



Self-actualization will always be an individual effort.

To show you how old MGTOW is and the proper way to see a woman’s beauty:

Student Philosopher_ Plato’s Ladder of Love



Questions for the men reading this: Were you entirely MGTOW before or after one or more of the below?

 When you first encountered MGTOW on YouTube?

When did you realize your PURE utility status to a woman?

When you saw the ending of Gone With The Wind?

When your wife divorced you for dissatisfaction?

When you loved your wife or girlfriend, but she continued to shit-test you?

When you first watched the Matrix Movie?

When you discovered divorce is unfair to males?

When an MGTOW person first mentioned the Red Pill?

When your girlfriend left you saying she was dissatisfied?

When the #MeToo went, too, far?

When you found out your girlfriend or wife cheated on you?

When someone asked you to choose between the Blue Pill and the Red Pill?

When you heard of Gamergate?

When you first asked a girl for a date?

When a woman first used shaming language on you?

When you experienced inconsistent female nature?

When you lost custody of your children?

When you saw the Red Pill Movie?

When your girlfriend declared she was a feminist?

When your mom shame language, your dad?

When you understood going, MGTOW was a lifelong struggle?

When your girlfriend or wife made you give up your hobbies?

When your girlfriend or wife made you give up your male friends?

When you heard #Killmen?

When you paid for the entire date and got no sex?

When you saw your dream girl without her makeup?

When you studied the statistics of female and male usefulness?

 Was it before one or more or all of the above?


Answer: Before Puberty! You did not want anything to do with girls!

You were perfectly MGTOW then!


Tip: Soy in its natural form does not turn into estrogen in the body 

GMO Soy does convert or transforms into estrogen once inside the body. The term “Soy boys” refers to this phenomenon; it seems the Illuminati is feeding GMO soy in so many foods as a male chemical castration method. 


Ten of the best testosterone-boosting foods

Eggs, honey, salmon, beef, pomegranates, cabbage (flushes estrogen), grapes (grape skin), tuna, garlic, oysters, low-fat vitamin D milk, and sunlight logo favicon – the place for spiritual fiction

Two people, a young female violinist and an ex-priest who no longer believes in God, made a choice as they sailed to America from Australia. This caused them to be abandoned to Makta Island, where reportedly cannibals hold rituals. The young violinist and ex-priests struggle with their environment, each other ideas, feelings, and thoughts as they try to survive until another ship passes by the island within 6 months. 98,578 words

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