MGTOW’s Roadblock part 2 by Ava Brighton

Since “the Future is Female” has failed with all these “Woke” movies and Star Wars “Story Group,” the left has moved the goal post to “the Future is Trans.” Women and Feminist have allowed themselves to be puppets of the LgbtQ community for decades now. It is just getting more open now. #FeminismIsDead

————————————————–>Imagine a FEMALE PUPPET moved about, talking with a

Gay hand sometimes
Lesbian hand sometimes
Trans hand sometimes
Cannibalism hand sometimes
Drag Queen hand sometimes
Transman speaking as a child for Child trans surgery, hormone blockers. hand sometimes
Hate Speech proponents hand sometimes
McCarthyism hand sometimes
Communism hand sometimes
Fascist hand sometimes
Misandry hand sometimes
Matriarchy/fonsonism hand sometimes
Climate Change hand sometimes
Abortion outside the womb hand sometimes
Feminist cult hand sometimes
Jewish hand sometimes
Duluth Fonosandrism Model hand sometimes
Rumour Mongering Gossip hand sometimes
Coercive control hand sometimes
Abusive and vaguely defined Laws hand sometimes
Always playing the victim-V-Card hand sometimes
False political rulings (Impeachment) laws hand sometimes
Perfect Female who makes no error, has no sin, always innocent hand sometimes

If you can imagine this, then you’ll understand what The Left means by Diversity is our Strength!


Two people, a young female violinist and an ex-priest who no longer believes in God, made a choice as they sailed to America from Australia. This caused them to be abandoned to Makta Island, where reportedly cannibals hold rituals. The young violinist and ex-priests struggle with their environment, each other ideas, feelings, and thoughts as they try to survive until another ship passes by the island within 6 months. 98,578 words

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