Membership Levels

Abyssarianism is a pragmatic, reasonable religious belief that does not focus on proselytizing but responds if someone inquires about its principles.

This is the PHYSICAL or beginner level.  Here, the student will learn what is the purpose of life — Love.  So there is a spoiler alert.  In addition, Abyssarianism is about FREE WILL.  Viewed on a pyramid structure, the FREE WILL principles support the LOVE principles.

Other principles come into play, like SCIENCE, EDUCATION, and the two major supporting principles of SELF-AWARENESS and OTHER-AWARENESS.

The Abyssarian Student, actively, pursues a relationship with the divine God-dess (male and female energies) through reading Abyssarianism text, and other constructive text edifying and building the student’s spiritual character.

The Tao de Ching, Zen Text, and other text can provide the reinforcing nature of truth.

Truth Depends on Truth.

Lies Depend on Truth.

Lies Depend on Lies.


Is another Abyssrianism principle quote to guide Abyssiaranism students.