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“Hi Sandman, I’d like to hear your opinion on hiring female employees. I’m a small restaurant owner and I’ve given my entire life to my business for the last five years. I’ve lost family, friends, and girlfriends in the pursuit of my goal. In the course of running the restaurant, I have hired twelve women, one of whom stole thousands of dollars from me and filed a complaint with the labor board. Ultimately, I was required to pay her severance based on hearsay. A few others have tried to manipulate me with mind games, some have tried to seduce me, and most have shown me little to no respect. I’ve only ever had a problem with one of the men that I have hired.

Over the last year, I’ve been trying to figure out why this keeps happening, which introduced me to MGTOW and the realization that feminism is truly a damaging ideology. I’ve contemplated only hiring men, but it doesn’t seem like a logical decision given that I run a social space that needs to be presentable. Professional male servers are extremely hard to find. Female servers are a dime a dozen and generally walk out with twice the money than the cooks. The cooks work twice as hard. Period.

Months ago, I questioned feminism in front of the woman I hired as a manager. She cried. It has never been the same since. She quit today after planning her exit for weeks all the while assuming I didn’t notice exactly the kind of stuff she was pulling. I’m at a loss on whether I can handle these female emotions any more. I don’t know.

What are your thoughts? Cheers!” Well, Rusty thanks for your patronage as well as your topic. The frustrating thing about hiring women is that they are incredibly unreliable. Young women can usually get by on their looks and get guys to buy them stuff. And if they lose a job they can just apply for another one and if they’re good looking then they can easily get it. If you’re a good looking woman in her twenties today you can get any entry-level job you want and you can usually date anyone you want and have him pay for everything.

When we socialize women to be like that while they’re young how do you expect they are going to train their employers. And the worst part is as they get older they continue this bad behavior into their thirties and beyond.

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So Rusty millennial women are a handful because they feel so entitled. But the trouble in what you do, the restaurant business, is that you need attractive women like Sookie Stackhouse to come into your establishment and act as bait to lure in the regulars.

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