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In 2006, Cupideros began focusing on fiction writing with a web presence.  He wanted to tell stories about truth and reality in a fiction format.  Each year he improves his ability to story tell through poetry and prose and now video and images.


Six-Shooter Bride Short Story

Prose Fiction

Short Stories, Short Story Collections, Novellas, and Novel reside here.  They say Prose resembles a movie in the mind.  Prose is a longer, more straight forward translating of those realities, and as such easier to understand.  With each writer limited to only stories, they can write.  You take in images, meaning, symbols, and context.  All of these playoff your stored images, associations, meanings, symbols, and together you add to your knowledge, awareness, context, and ideas.

  Writers can hope their stories touch the lives of others but no guarantees exist this may occur.  What we do know is, we have occupied the same era, differing environments,  and the same spaces in varying realities of living. 

Poetry - Abstract-to-Concrete Poetry

Poetry Fiction

In code and shorthand, Poetry is a personal meaning written down in rhythm, rhyme, cadence or beat using understandable symbols and concrete words of meaning.  More of a flash video than a movie, poetry moves quickly.  Poetry often has to be read twice or even three times before the reader can take away something meaningful.  This all makes poetry hard to grasp. 

Theoretically, our "want-it-now" or "yesterday" culture should work perfectly for poetry.  Yes, in songs, we get it.  Yet poetry, most written poetry, isn't that accessible.   Simple and clear words make good poetry.  I try to write accessible poetry with meaning and insight.

Choices were made and the results caused two people,, a young Aussie violinist and an ex-Priests who no longer believes in God to face the challenge of their lives, after the are Abandoned to Makta Island, were cannibals reportedly hold rituals.


Mega-Novels, over the 40-50,000 word traditional limit gives the author time to explore just about everything and anything providing an in-depth view of a situation, century, religious or philosophic view and characters interact with those views.

About Cupideros

Teaching and learning were always important to Cupideros.  However, he noticed most students did not want to be in the classrooms.  He wanted eager students, proactive who wanted to learn and so decided to become a fiction writer.  The process changes a bit, no singular classroom with others and the avid student decides to learn by selecting a fiction book to read.   Life is a journey of learning down the two paths of life, One, God, Life-Death, Work-Money and Two, Life-Death, Work-Money.   Regardless of the path chosen learning remains a requirement.

Sample of Romance topic -- a novella


Who does not like relationships? Cupideros provides romance in realistic, pragmatic and helpful situations.
Sample of SF -- short story

SF or Sci Fi

Science, everything from birth control, to robotics to A.I dominate these stories as humans find out unleashing their best inventions affect the third person (the one not considered by the scientist in the first place) bring devastating consequences.
Sample of Erotica - Her Exotic Billionaire's Cruise


Erotica, a subject favorite of women and my own. Exploring more of the emotions and intellectual reasoning behind the birds and the bees, diving into instincts and drives of the primal brain.
Anna and the Mesmerizing Circus Trilogy, $2.50 Children's story

Children's Story

Audiobooks from Cupideros


Three separate audiobook .mp4 files containing the entire story Abandoned to Makta Island! These are generated in life-like, realistic voiceovers, computer voice format. If you want an example of how it will sound go to and listen to The Abyssarian Merchant short story by Cupideros.
Fiction Writing Courses, Poetry, Prose and Webinar Classes

Fiction Writing Courses, Poetry, Prose and Webinar Classes

Fiction Courses both prose and poetry. Webinars rated t fiction writing are presented here.

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Featured Projects

Here are some featured projects for now, because I am always getting better, more creative with resources.

How to Become an Art Critic in Twelve Easy Steps_1

“When I read Ode, I was blown away by the on-point nature of the text.  A good read for sure.”

James Edibon

Computer Programmer

“AMI blew me away.  I learned so much about what I thought I already knew on religion, culture, and history of the Pacific Peoples.”

Andrew Kettering

Book Store Manager

“ Anna and the Amazing brought laughter, and wonder.  I felt like a child again, full of great moments of excitement about the future.  I recommend the Trilogy to anyone, young or old. ”

Lacey Leblanc

BookLover for Decades
testimonial girl 2a

If you are looking for awesome, exciting people working out their problems and a romance novel fan, you're going to love Abandoned to Makta Island.  Be sure to scroll down to the free ebook link below, if it is still available.  These result-driven characters bring joy, inspiration and spirituality to life!

Elizabeth Dallas

Romance Novel Fan

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