3 Easy Tips To Sleep Better

Time management doesn’t exist.

To massively increase your productivity, we need to focus on our attention (self-awareness and other-awareness) and energy management.

So if you’re trying to study a bunch of old school time management techniques, it’s likely that you’re attacking on the wrong subject. There’s no point to learn how to set up a schedule when you don’t have the energy as the foundation to invest in it.

Yes, you may really want to start exercising and get rid of your belly fat.

Yes, you may really want to learn a new language before you visit Japan 4 months later.

Yes, you may really want to execute that million dollar business plan when you see there’s satisfied need in the market.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the energy to do so.

You tell yourself you don’t have the time to do so.

You tell yourself that you are too busy right now and you will do it later, which means never.

You even tell yourself maybe that idea isn’t worth to pursue because someone else probably have already done it.

The point is, if you don’t fix your energy problem, if you don’t increase your vitality, if you don’t elevate the effectiveness of your body functioning, you won’t be able to do anything.

Is there a super easy yet overlooked way that you can fix your energy level?

You bet.

The fastest way to 10x your energy level is to improve your sleeping quality. Let’s quickly take a look at a couple of tips on how to enhance your sleep and increase your productivity.

Sleep better tips

Sleep Hack #1 Use A Daylight Lamp

One of the best things you can possibly do for your energy levels is to invest in a daylight lamp.

This is a lamp that will get brighter slowly in the morning and that has a wavelength more similar to that produced by the sun.

The brain interprets this as a sunrise and it helps you to slowly come around.

When you wake up, the room is bright and you feel much less groggy. It’s a million times better than being startled awake by a loud noise in a pitch black room!

Sleep Hack #2 Have A Comfortable Shower Before You Sleep

When is the perfect time to wash your body? Right before bed.

For bonus tip, try to alternate the temperature between cold and warm water.

Cold water not only boosts your testosterone level (which is great for men), it also helps circulate your blood and regulate your internal temperature.

On the other hand, warm water is a nice relaxant for you to chill out and let the sore muscles release tension. When your body is relaxed, you can drift off into a deeper sleep later.

Sleep Hack #3 Time Out For 30 Mins Before Bed

Before bed, take half an hour out in order to unwind. During this period, make sure you don’t look at any screens.

Smartphones, computers and TV screens emits blue lights which stimulate the brain to produce cortisol, thereby keeping us awake and preventing us from sleeping.

At the same time, our phones and computers stress us a lot.

When we look at them, it causes us to think of work or to get excited by whatever games, shows, gossips, chit chats you have with your friends.

What to do during those 30 mins?

Well, I recommend investing that short period into your self-development.

Read a good book.

Journal down your big wins of the day.

Prepare the game plan for tomorrow.

Calm your mind, practice gratitude, get into bed and get ready to crush another awesome day!

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