10 Countless Ways to Have a Better Blog

10 Countless Ways to Have a Better Blog

(c) October 8, 2019 by Cupideros

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to recognize the countless ways to have a better blog. I am going to help you out in this regard since cupiderosbooks.com models the What In It For You (WIIFU) format.

First, write because you can and because you want to write. Do not ask Why on earth do you write? Instead, question. Why do you not write about your passion for this thing or that thing, in our magnificent universe?

Napoleon Hill once said, “Peoples’ opinions are the cheapest thing on earth.” He meant do not listen to Jane and John’s (contrary) advice about your personal life.

Well, Napoleon Hill never lived until the computer age or more specifIcally YouTube Computer Age. Nowadays, yes, because you can, and because you want to, you can make money simply by sharing your personal opinions. You do not need to claim boredom, as your right of passage, to share your views. Shatter illusions. Cure ignorance. Make your countless better blog a cornerstone of truth! The truth is, you are capable of creating more and better drama, and more accurate information than the Main Stream Media (MSM).

Second, no one else walked in your shoes; perhaps your information or opinion fine-tunes what the reader wants or needs to hear! Your uniqueness, established by the Great God-dess, lays fertile ground of observations, insight, slants, and peeks at your feet into an alternate reality – It’s who and what you are. Ratify the views of the hardworking, sleep-deprived-silent majority! Your unique point of view stimulates the countless ways you can write a better blog.

Every YT video, MSM show, book, magazine, radio podcast sprung from the mind, heart, and experiences of living breathing persons, alive now or once alive. They felt that excitement of an idea before putting it to pen and paper. Do not apologize for keeping your reader poised on the edge of their seat, unable to go to sleep, or stop reading your blog.

Three, from your observations, spare no details! The couple (man and woman) murmuring wore what, in terms of pants, shirt, blouse, shoes, dress, socks, jewelry, and hat perhaps. Describe if the woman has hit the wall yet, or how the man, aged like fine wine. On their faces, the mask of disdain or pleasure; or detachment showed by one upturned eyebrow. Anticipation revealed in a woman bitting her lower lip as the man whispered something in her ear. Obviously, this cannot happen in today’s crazy, upside-down “MeToo Clown World, EMC2 [Equality = Men Cucked Twice as low by women] where simply staring at a woman or saying hello to her equals as rape,” but you get the point. (Trump rolled back these frivolous interpretations recently.)

Look as if your eyes, ears were one camera lens, and you will find countless ways to have a better blog. The importance of accurate information goes beyond the physical and into the world of the philosophical, psychological, emotional, logic, and spiritual.

Four, nihilism, postmodernism, modernity, whatever you want to call it screams out for spirituality as a way to have a better blog. Not everyone is willing to observe enough to evoke this logic of truth. Our world is no accident — it continues pushing, laying, planning, contending with the change, and reestablishing order. Cities do not fall from the sky; people planned them! Roads do not just unravel or rollout one day, like a red carpet. One creates products, ideas, systems to gain money. Everywhere one looks order, planning, deep orderly connection exist, from the bees flirting with the flowers and salmon swimming, upstream to spawn the next generation of fish.

Humans, only, decide to destroy life and reject life! Those humans trapped into lower levels of other-awareness, and unable to further their spiritual development bow down to nihilism and its sisters’ forms of emotional depression. As you write your blog, the will to live, brought on by your unique spiritual take on matters demonstrate Logos must exist because nature follows the proper order. Striving for the proper order will help you find countless ways to write a better blog.

Five, Listen. Listen to people’s voices. Listen for the sounds of happiness, sadness, uncertainty, strife, joy, optimism, theater, but always putting hope inside your blog. People read to find hope, recognize it still exists, having escaped into the world to influence this person and that person during their troubles. The soft-spoken – loud and rude; the doers and the talkers make up our world. All from the ears, you can find what makes people interesting, and situations worth writing about in your better blog.

Six, engage your readers in countless ways; so they want to finish your better blog, you already finished, days, even decades ago. Become that expert in fishing, bird watching, writing, shipping, Internet Marketing, fashion, car racing, or visiting museums. Tell the reader what they didn’t know, but are now glad you remembered. Focus your time becoming the resource for your blog readers, surfing digital media on their mobiles, TVs, laptops, and desktops.

Like it or not, computer to computer is the new word of mouth advertising! Posting begins your blog grand tour journey of telling others countless techniques to becoming a better blog writer. All from the comfort of your home, your countless ways to have a better blog shall travel the world.

Seven, remember all blog writing is promotional writing. You are promoting the ideas, information, product, and solutions on your blog, enabling you to find yet another countless ways to write a better blog.

So let’s get down to a laser-focus. The Bible and all holy books are long blogs promoting their religious way of life. If you are not trying to persuade, why are you writing a blog?

Eight, a better blog will find countless ways to pay off in your future business or website. Think affiliates, Google Ads, Banners, Side Bars widgets, sprinkling your blog. Yes, finding myriad ways to have a better blog shows business planning. Your blog must stand out with readers – provide them value, too.

Imagine you are hanging out with friends as you write. Tell them a good story, something you learned. Like in the old gentlemen’s clubs of the past, your blog is a little club for your readers. Readers know what to expect in terms of topics; they know what to expect by your slant on issues. Not everyone attending a gentlemen’s club expect to agree with you. Nevertheless, if you offer no opinion at all, why should anyone read your countless blogs?

Maybe you placed some 80/20 affiliate links on your blog. This does not matter; the main reason your readers visit, again and again, is to gain valuable business knowledge, tips, and learning howtos.

Your countless better blogs encourage people to flock to your website, video blog, or blog page. They may find that perfect product to buy, as well.

Nine, persistence is persistent. Consistent is consistency. Blog regularly at whatever pace you desire. Of course, your once a day blog will gather more followers than your once a week blog. Yet, you must follow what works for you. Better to blog once a week than trying to blog every day and miss out on four days from five! Self-discipline works, and you are enticing your readers to expect content on your schedule.

It is like they expect entertainment on your schedule. Provided you’ve listened to this blog – you now know there are countless ways to continue writing better blogs.

Ten, by blogging persistently, you help the reader to read consistently. We all need to read more, and blogs fulfill the role newspaper reading once did! Those who read often understand the world a little bit better, or they accept that other points of view exist, a little bit more. If you are lucky and not timorous, your perfect timing may create a viral countless valuable blog!

Someone who stopped reading books may fill empowered to read a book because they consistently read your countless better blogs!



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